The New Filipino Scool Program at St. Pudenziana

  • The program mainly concerns Filipino families and children, but the certificate granted by the School at the end of program is intermationally valid. It can be recognized and officially translated into Italian by the Embassy or Consulate in Italy of the original Country of the student, so to be spended also by Italian Schools.
  • For this first year the Program concerns middle school students.
  • The language used in classes is English, but intensive courses of Italian Language,Italian History, and Italian Citizenship (Italian Constitution and Bylaws) are an integral part of the Study Program. The aim is indeed to support the better integration of immigrant sudents into the Italian School, Culture, and Society.
  • For downloading the school lecture notes go to the dedicated page.

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Filipino School

A w a k e n i n g   t h e   F i l i p i n o   W i t h i n
The 21st Century School for the Filipinos

Association of Filipino Teachers in Italy
Codice Fiscale: 92031730580
Contact: Prof. Don Harmel Tatel II, President and CEO


Pinoy Guro EU  is a non-profit and non-governmental group in Rome, Italy that provide activities and programs that focuses on education, career enhancement, training and development for immigrants who had already achieved higher levels of education or no education at all.                                                        

PGEU is a registered community-based educational organization of internationally trained teachers and educators who are either current and / or former teachers in the Philippines or other countries, who gather in collegial aspiration and fellowship to contribute our resources and expertise for the good and well- being of its members and those of our “public”— our students, fellow professionals and country-persons. We are going to inspire, be proactive, give hope and go extra mile to the Filipino community.

Pinoy Guro EU aims to bridge the gap between education and employment by providing activities, courses and programs, with the help from our partner institutions and other non-profits, that will equip our fellow ‘kababayans’ the relevant skills and values which are beneficial to success both in today’s economy and in economies of the future.

Our primary goal is to commit, develop, support, and execute viable programs, projects, and activities within the framework of our Constitution and By-laws for the benefits of our members and other targeted beneficiaries in Italy. To achieve this objective, we endeavor to establish partnerships, undertakings, and initiatives with other community organizations, schools, private & governmental institutions and other interested stakeholders. Our guidance and support is comprehensive and covers the full spectrum of quality education.

Pinoy Guro EU envisions itself as a second home for immigrants who seek guidance and professional development to be globally competitive. We want to provide guidance for career, education and life issues. 

 Program Overview
Our K-12 Program

   For the past years, educational institutions and experts have been developing programs to ensure wide distribution of formal education. A number of programs have been launched by our government and some schools, colleges and universities to address the increasing number of students who are out-of-school due to a number of reasons, some of which are brought about by absentee parenthood.

   According to our research and survey, the recent statistics shows that the enrollment in state schools in ltaly for Filipinos is increasing every year because of family petition. However, it also shows a significant number of enrollees who are not able to finish a certain level per year; they tend to drop-out in the middle or at the end of the school year.  Performance indicators show that about 22 percent of enrollees in school year 20015– 2016 did not complete their year level. Drop out rate in the same school year is 6 percent.

PINOY GURO EU - The Filipino of School in Rome is in partnership with a Catholic school in the Philippines, the Seibo College, a duly recognized institution by the Department of Education in the Philippines.  Seibo College is founded by the Dominican priest, Rev.Fr.Rogelio B.Alarcon , O.P., a staunch advocate of ungraded system of education and the Father of Homestudy Program in the Philippines.  With his sincere desire that every child have an access to an education made him also found Angelicum Colleges, whose missions are to bring learning alternatives and accessible education to every Filipino here in Italy who wish to finish their basic education.
Our K -12 program is known as the Home Education Learning Program (HELP). Our school and the HELP program offered ungraded system of education, modular and Open classroom system. The flexibility of our system allows our learners to advance in their lessons or level at their own pace and time which means they can finish K to 12 curriculum earlier. A child’s education is a partnership between the parents, caregivers and school mentors.

It is the College’s effort to facilitate the democratization of the educational system through providing basic education to the greater mass of the Filipino people.  It has two delivery modes: The School-based and Community – based Home Education Learning Program.

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Filipino School at
St. Pudenziana

St. Pudenziana

Filipino School