The New Filipino Scool Program at St. Pudenziana

  • The program, in collaboration with the Seibo College Foundation, mainly concerns Filipino families and children, but the certificate granted by the School at the end of program is intermationally valid. It can be recognized and officially translated into Italian by the Embassy or Consulate in Italy of the original Country of the student, so to be spended also by Italian Schools.
  • The Program concerns middle/high school students.
  • The language used in classes is English, but intensive courses of Italian Language,Italian History, and Italian Citizenship (Italian Constitution and Bylaws), as well as the course for earning the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) certificate are an integral part of the Study Program. The aim is indeed to support the better integration of immigrant sudents into the Italian School, Culture, and Society.

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Seibo College

Welcome To Seibo College, Italy



SEIBO College is a Filipino Catholic School that utilizes the Ungraded System of Education. It is founded by Fr. Rogelio B. Alarcon, O.P., the Father of Home Study in the Philippines. SEIBO is a Japanese word that means Holy Mother (Sei – Holy, Bo- Mother).
Seibo College’s philosophy in education is anchored on the principle of individual differences. We believe that every individual is unique. Therefore, different types of activities or methods and techniques of teaching and learning are evident in the learning stations. Moreover, each child grows and develops through his own experience or through what we call self-activity. With this, learning in SEIBO is an active process; the learner is deeply involved in his learning and as such he learns by experiencing, doing, and understanding.
Furthermore, Seibo’s philosophy is that of a progressive education. In this school of thought, the child is made the center of the educative process. Hence, the child, with purposes and interests, is made the starting principle of learning. Guidance is also an integral part of learning. According to progressivists, education is a process of guidance. It is a part any educative process as far as growth and development of an individual is concerned.

Seibo College aims to produce learners who:

  • are believers and good followers of Christ;
  • are responsible, independent, effective planners and wise decision-makers;
  • love and value learning and as an effect become lifelong learners;
  • respect and honor life.

Our homeschooling program and concept of education is known as the Home Education Learning Program (HELP). Our school and the program offers Ungraded System of Education, Modular and Open Classroom System.

Ungraded system not only means non-utilization of grades as assessment but also giving importance to the individual differences and capabilities of learners. We assess them holistically, guide them using their pace of learning and motivate them to achieve more and go beyond what they know and can do.

Modular system allows flexibility and fosters self-pacing, responsible and independent learning. It also trains our learners to become good decision makers by allowing them to become an active participant in their learning. Modular system also helps the system go away with spoon feeding thus, making learners searchers of information and training them to learn "how to learn".

The Open Classroom system also enhances the school's goal to make our learners responsible, independent and good decision makers. In an Open classroom, learners get to decide what subject they wish to do on a given day and time. We guide them with their plans and assist them in their learning. Also, interaction with different students of different levels are evident. Peer teaching and collaboration is also evident. Learners learn twice when they teach.

The Home Education Learning Program also utilize the same system and module. We offer the same quality and standard to our HELP learners. The frequency of coming to school will depend on the learner’s convenience and availability. Attendance is not an issue with our school, accomplishments are. We can also set up online meetings especially when the learner is located outside in Rome.

The flexibility of our system allows our learners to advance in their lessons or level at their own pace and time. Meaning, they can finish high school less then 4 years, grade school in less than 7 years.

Our Home Education Learning Program is recognized by the Department of Education Philippines per DECS MEMORANDUM NO. 216 S. 1997 HSP. We cater to individuals who have been out-of-school, drop-outs, over-age learners, learners with disabilities or special needs, unsupervised children of OFWs who cannot cope with the traditional set-up in Italian school, or any individual who wish to experience an alternative kind of education.


    • Learners acquire and develop 21st Century Learning Skills.
    • System is flexible to cater individual differences and learning is not confined in school.
    • Study anytime and anywhere.


  • Placement Test - diagnostic test and not similar to an entrance exam. This test diagnoses what the applicant knows so that we will be able to check what level of modules we will give him/her at the beginning. In this test, no one will fail because it is just a diagnostic test.
  • After placement test, the learner can now enroll to the program.


    • Birth and Baptismal Certificate,
    • Form 138,
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character,
    • 3 pcs 2x2 ID Picture

SEIBO College in Italy is headed by Prof. Don Harmel Tatel II, CLBC - HELP Administrator in Europe. It is located at no. 25d Via Cesare Balbo Rome. It is currently in partnership with PINOY GURO EU, a registered community-based educational organization of internationally trained teachers and licensed educators who are either current and / or former teachers in the Philippines or other countries, who gather in collegial aspiration and fellowship to contribute their resources and expertise for the good and well- being of its members and those of our “public”— their students, fellow professionals and country-persons.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, call us at 0039 3282980170 / 3881679729 or send email to


Pinoy Guro EU

A w a k e n i n g t h e F i l i p i n o W i t h i n
The 21st Century School for the Filipinos

Association of Filipino Teachers in Italy
Codice Fiscale: 92031730580
Contact: Prof. Don Harmel Tatel II, President and CEO



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